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Know Your Mattress The Molty Memory Foam uses technology that automatically shapes up according to the contours of your body, Molty Memory provides you with superfluous comfort and luxury; so forget tossing and turning all night and drift away in a peaceful night’s sleep. With its dual comfort feature, you can easily flip the mattress for a soft or a medium firm sleeping surface. Thus making this mattress truly adaptable to your sleeping needs.

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King 78*72*6", King 78*72*8″, Queen 1 78*60*10″, Queen 1 78*60*6", Queen 1 78*60*8″, Queen 1 78*66*10″, Queen 1 78*66*4″, Queen 2 78*66*6″, Queen 2 78*66*8″, Single 78*42*6", Single 78*42*8


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