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For decades MoltyFoam has remained the epitome of quality and is best acclaimed for its great value and comfort. The new innovation of 2in1 technology instigated into the MoltyFoam enables it to provide medium support with one side and firm support with the other. Just flip your mattress to choose between the suitable sleeping surface that complies with your resting needs.

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King 78*72*10″, King 78*72*6", King 78*72*8″, Queen 1 78*60*10″, Queen 1 78*60*6", Queen 1 78*60*6", Queen 1 78*60*8″, Queen 1 78*66*10″, Queen 2 78*66*6″, Queen 2 78*66*8″, Single 78*42*10″, Single 78*42*6", Single 78*42*8, Single 78*42*8"


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