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The construction cost of 1 Kanal House in Pakistan

  Marketdeals.pk is back with its house construction cost estimation. With the goal of informing and educating our audience, especially those who are just starting out and setting their foot in the construction world, we are back with yet another insightful article. This time we are going to discuss the construction cost of 1 Kanal house in Pakistan. If you are planning to construct a 1 Kanal house and confused about all the costs then you have landed at the right place. Constructing a 1 Kanal house is a rigorous endeavor. It takes a lot of time, effort, and resources. Even the thought of procuring a bulk of construction material can appear as a tedious task to do. With the surge in e-commerce platforms in Pakistan, the construction industry has made sure that it is not left behind and pioneers like Marketdeals.pk have digitalized construction materials shopping. So the first thing you ought to do while planning to construct a 1 Kanal house is to worry no more! You can get all the required construction materials at Marketdeals.pk which is a one-stop construction material shopping solution. If you have read our previous blogs on the house construction cost of 5 marlas and 10 marla houses then you may already have a better idea of the required construction materials. To make things easier here we will thoroughly layout the construction cost of 1 Kanal A category house. Just like any other house, the construction of 1 Kanal house is divided into two parts:
  1. Grey structure 
  2. Finishing 
The detailed account of each is mentioned below: The covered area of 1 Kanal House First things first, before estimating the total budget it is important to know precisely about the total area of the house upon which the construction will take place. The total area which constitutes 1 Kanal double-unit house is 5,950 sq. ft.   Grey structure construction  Following construction materials will be required to build the grey structure of a 5 marla house:
  • Brick
  • Cement
  • Kassu
  • Rebar
  • Sand
  • Bajri
  • Safety grills
Labor Cost of 1 Kanal House The labor cost usually depends on the contract. If you get laborers through a contractor then probably they will stick to the project from beginning to the end and you wouldn’t have to change laborers often. Direct dealing with the contractor is mostly favorable for the parties involved. One thing which is important to note is that labor cost depends upon the time required for the construction. The estimated cost of labor will vary from city to city but on average laborers charge up to PKR 395 per sq. ft. For a 1 Kanal house, the general labor cost as per this estimation will be around PKR 2,350,250. However, this labor cost does not include additional costs of labor for tiles, woodwork, paint, etc. Bricks Cost of 1 Kanal House For a 1 Kanal house, 135,000 bricks are required in total. It is recommended to use Awwal category bricks. The cost of the Awwal category (Class-A) is 11.50 per brick. The total cost of the brick for a 1 Kanal marla house will be PKR 1,552,500. Crush and gravel  Crush or gravel is used for the formation of the base structure of the floors. There are two most common types of crushes. One is Margalla’s crush and the other one is Sargodha’s crush. Approximately 2200 cubic feet of Margalla crush is required for the construction of a 1 Kanal marla house. At the rate of 79 per cubic feet, the total cost for Margalla crush will be PKR 142,200. For the floor, Sargodha gravel is used. Around 1200 cubic feet will be required for the grey structure of a 1 Kanal house. At the rate of PKR 72 per cubic feet, the total cost of Sargodha gravel will be PKR 12,400. Additionally, Rori will also be required, costing around PKR 65,000. Sand Cost of 1 Kanal House Sand is a crucial component for construction. It is usually extracted from riverbeds or coastal areas. Ravi and Chenab are most commonly used in construction. If you use Ravi sand for the construction of a 1 Kanal house then you will require around 9000 cubic feet of sand. This will cost around PKR 171,000 in total. However, it is important to note that the quality of Chenab sand is superior and you will require 2100 cubic feet of Chenab sand. This will cost around PKR 43,500 Total cost for bricks, sand, crush, and rori= PKR 1,986,600 Kassu  A mixture of mud and sand, Kassu is required to cover and fill the empty plot as a base. For the construction of the grey structure of a 1 Kanal house, around PKR 200,000 worth of Kassu is required. Cement Cost of 1 Kanal House Around 1600  bags of cement will be used in the construction of a 1 Kanal house. There are various cement companies that offer high quality such as Flying cement, Maple leaf cement, Bestway Cement, Lucky cement, etc. The cost of one cement bag is around PKR 595 on average. As per this estimate, the total cement cost will be around PKR 952,000. Rebar  Rebar (steel) is also a necessary component for the construction of a house. Usually, 60-grade Sarya is recommended. For the construction of a 1 Kanal house around 9 tons of Sarya is required which is equal to 9000 kgs. At the rate of PKR 134 per ton sarya, the total cost will be around PKR 1,206,000. The total cost of cement, kassu, and rebar =  PKR 2,358,000 Plumbing and wiring Costs No construction is complete without the development of a water supply, proper drainage, and sewerage system, and gas supply system.  All of these important developments require plumbing work which will cost around PKR 210,000 including the labor costs and materials. Apart from plumbing, wiring is also the foremost development in an under-construction house. The wiring of a 1 Kanal house will cost around PKR 200,000 which accounts for all the labor and materials as well. The total cost of plumbing and wiring = PKR 410,000 Grilles, gate, and chougat steel Costs Steelwork will be required at various stages of the construction. For example, Chougat steel is used for making door frames. Chougat steel worth PKR 94,500 is required for all the door frames of a 1 Kanal house. For safety grilles and windows roughly around PKR 133,000 will be required and for the main gate, you will have to spare PKR 150,000. Additional costs  You will also be required to get an overhead tank constructed. This will also include building concrete walls using cement for a water storage tank which will cost around PKR 150,000. Apart from this pre-construction termite control treatment is also important to prevent any future hazards of termite infestation which will cost around PKR 45,000. The miscellaneous cost will be around PKR 70,000. Hence the estimated cost of the Grey Structure of a Construction cost of 1 Kanal House in Pakistan is PKR7,552,350     Finishing cost of 1 Kanal House After the construction of the grey structure of the house, the next step is finishing. Finishing gives the final look to the house. This includes installing tiles/marbles, electrical work, woodwork, and paint. As we have covered the cost estimation of the grey structure of a 1 Kanal house, let us take an overview of the finishing of a 1 Kanal house. Tiles/Marbles Used in 1 Kanal House For the finishing of any A category house, people often opt for tiles and marble as a convenient and aesthetic option for the floor. High-quality tiles are usually preferable and companies like Master tiles offer some of the best quality tiles. For a 1 Kanal house, about 465 tiles are required excluding bathrooms, terrace, and garage. According to the per tile rate of PKR 2,100, the estimated cost of tile flooring in a 1 Kanal house will be approximately PKR 976,500. The cost for bathroom tiles will be different as they are charged on a per sq. meter basis. For the terrace, 75 tiles will be required. The rate is similar to the former one i.e. PKR 1575 per sq. meter. Hence the total cost of tile flooring on the terrace will be PKR 118,125. At the same rate, 75 tiles will be required for the garage which will cost PKR 118,125 in total. Besides the cost of tile, the cost of labor for installing the tiles also needs to be estimated. The laborer will not cut the tiles but will also neatly fix them into their place. The estimated cost of labor for installing tiles in a 1 Kanal house is around PKR 2,060,000. For the staircase and kitchen shelf, marble will also be required. For setting up a marble staircase in a 1 Kanal house around PKR 233,000 will be spent. The total cost of marble and tiles = PKR 2,060,000.  Electric work required for 1 Kanal House Switchboards 35 OPAL switchboards and push buttons are required. The rate of one is PKR 850. The total cost of switchboards will be PKR 24,500. Lights/lamps/chandeliers The total cost of these will be around PKR 246,750.   Power plugs 35 power plugs and sockets are required. Each cost around PKR 900. The total cost will be around PKR 31,500. Fans According to estimates, 14 fans will be required. One GFC fan costs 6,300. The total cost of fans will be PKR 88,200. Exhaust fans A total of 8 exhaust fans will be required for a 1 Kanal house exhaust fan costs around PKR 2650. This makes a total of PKR 21,200. Circuit breakers would cost around PKR 105,000. Labor cost The electrician will charge around PKR 50,000 Kitchen and Bath accessories The most important part of finishing any house is installing kitchen and bath accessories. This gives the final touch. The kitchen accessories including kitchen hood and sink for both kitchens in a 1 Kanal house are required. Two kitchen hoods will cost around PKR 102,200 each. Two kitchen sinks will cost around PKR 33,000 each. The entire kitchen accessories will cost around PKR 536,500. The washroom accessories will include bath hangings, porta commodes, and bath sets. Since there will be 5 washrooms in a 1 Kanal house, 5 bath hangings will be required. It will cost around PKR 27,500 making up to PKR 5,500 each. A single porta commode will cost around PKR 16,500 hence making the total cost of commodes PKR 99,000. Similarly, a single vanity set costs around PKR 10,000. The total cost for 6 vanity sets will be 60,000. You will also require 5 complete bath sets that will cost PKR 21,000 each.  Additionally, the labor cost for fitting will be between PKR 30,000 to PKR 45,000. This will make the total cost of both bath and kitchen accessories up to PKR  536,500. Windows and Mirrors Costs For windows, both glass and aluminum are required. Aluminum will cost up to PKR 600,000 and mirrors will cost around PKR 78,000. Additionally, to install a staircase railing you will have to spare PKR 135,000. Painting and Ceiling No house is complete without paint. Painting gives the final look to the house. Once the switchboard and light fixtures are installed, the next step is painting. The first step in painting is applying a base coat. After a base coat, more layers of paint are applied to create a finished look. The cost of painting not only includes the prices of painting materials but also the labor costs of the professional painter. The entire cost for painting a 1 Kanal house will be around PKR 650,000. For the exterior of the house, you can opt for both Rockwall or marble chips. First, the wall is cleaned and it gets plastered. After that, white sand and acrylic are used for applying a base coat. The base coat is very significant in the entire process as it provides strength to the wall. The total cost of a base coat and Rockwall for a1 Kanal house will be around PKR125,000. False ceiling is quite popular as well. If we opt for a false ceiling then the rate of false ceiling is around PKR 75 per sq. ft. This will cost around PKR 418,125. The estimated cost of the entire painting and ceiling= PKR 1,198,125   Woodwork additional Cost Quality woodwork can add value to any house. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also is highly functional in terms of practicality. It is ideal to get all the woodwork done while the house is still under construction. This will save you any additional costs incurred later on. The most important point of consideration is that you should make sure to use quality wood.  Built-in cupboards and kitchen cabinets together constitute the woodwork of the house. Mostly semi-solid plywood is used for woodwork in houses. The wardrobe, assorted fitting, and other woodwork of the house will cost around PKR 500,000. If you also want to have an LCD rack then it will cost you an additional PKR 110,000 Total finishing cost of a 1 Kanal house = PKR 6,672,125.  As we have analyzed each and every component of construction cost, the total cost of construction of a 1 Kanal house will be around PKR 6,672,125 If you are wondering where to get all the construction materials then Marketdeals.pk is the solution. Marketdeals.pk ensures that it provides high-end construction materials with unmatched quality. The construction materials enlisted on our platform have the best base materials, prepared from the most precise methods. The companies enlisted on our platform assert a high capacity of manufacturing. We ensure that each enlisted company has a standard compliance certificate that verifies the quality, quantity, and specifications of their construction materials. The construction cost of 1 Kanal House in Pakistan | Buy Online at Best Price List 2021 Now you can shop online all the high-quality construction materials in one go. Our rate list will give you insightful information that will cut short the tricky process of price comparison in the market. For the first time in Pakistan, Marketdeals.pk is offering digital payment solutions for the online buying of construction materials. You can not only browse numerous options of construction materials on Marketdeals.pk but can also get all the materials delivered to your doorstep. With the technical expertise of Marketdeals.pk procurement of construction materials doesn’t seem like a complicated process anymore. You can also compare on Marketdeals.Pk.  

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