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How Much it Cost to Build 3 Marla House in Pakistan

Estimating the cost of building a house is complicated. There is no clear answer as to how much housing costs will cost. Depending on many factors, such as, how many units do you want to build? Are you planning to build a Category A or B house? Marketdeals.pk is here to solve your problem. Being an expert in this field, we can help you with your cost estimates. The 3 marla house is naturally painted. Here we will list the cost of building a 3 marla house: Total Area The total area of ​​the 3 marla house is 684 sq. M. Ft. Combined location If you wish to build a double-unit 3 marla house then the covered area of ​​the house will be approximately 1353 sq. M. Ft. The ground floor will cover an area of ​​700 sq. Km. Ft. Bottom Line The 3 marla house has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and one kitchen. The gray building of 3 Marla House Crush and stones Crush or stones are used to form the base of the base. There are two most common types of crush. One is the Margalla crush and the other is the Sargodha crush. It takes about 540 cubic feet of Margalla crush to build a 3 marla crush house. At 82 degrees per cubic ft. Each, the total cost of the Margalla crush will be PKR 44,280. At the bottom, stones are used in Sargodha. It will require about 360 cubic feet in a gray building of a 3 marla house. At the level of PKR 63 per thousand meters, the total cost of the Sargodha gemstones will be PKR 22,680. Total cost of bricks, sand, crush, and truck = PKR 437,600. Kassu A mixture of mud and sand, Kassu is needed to cover and fill the empty site as a foundation. With the construction of a gray house for 3 marla, Kassu is needed at a cost of PKR 28,000. Personnel Expenses Personnel costs often depend on the contract. If you get employees through a contractor they will probably stick to the project from start to finish and you would not have to change staff many times. Direct contact with the contractor is in the best interests of those involved. One important thing to know is that labor costs depend on the time required for construction. Estimated labor costs will vary from major cities but on average workers cost up to PKR 395 per sq. M. does not include additional costs for tile, wood, paint, etc. work. Bricks For a house of 3 marla, 28,000 bricks are needed in total. It is recommended to use Awwal class bricks. The cost of the Awwal class (Class-A) is 11.50 bricks. The cost of a 3 marla brick house will be PKR 322,000. The sand Sand is an important element in construction. It is usually released from rivers or coastal areas. Ravi and Chenab are also widely used in construction. If you use Ravi sand to build a 3 marla house you will need about 1,800 sand. This will cost a total of PKR 34,200 in total. However, it is important to know that the quality of Chenab sand is high and you will need 35 cubic feet of Chenab sand. This will cost around PKR 12,250. Today The Price of Cement 3 Marla House About 300 bags of cement will be used in the construction of the 3 marla house. There are various cement companies that offer high quality such as Flying cement, Maple leaf cement, Bestway Cement, Lucky cement, etc. According to this estimate, the total value of the cement will be approximately PKR 178,500. Rebar Rebar (metal) is also a necessary element in the construction of a house. Usually, 60-year-old Sarya is recommended. For the construction of a 3 marla house, approximately one ton of Sarya is required equal to 1000 kgs. At the rate of PKR 130 per ton sarya, the total cost will be approximately PKR 130,000. The total cost of cement, kassu, and rebar = PKR 407,500 Pipe wiring No construction is complete without the development of a water supply, proper plumbing, and a sewerage system, as well as a gas supply system. All these important developments require pipeline work that will cost approximately PKR 43,000 including labor costs and building materials. Apart from water pipes, wiring is also the most advanced development in a house that can be built. The installation of a 3 marla house line will cost around PKR 37,000 for all work and building materials. The total cost of water pipes and cables = PKR 80,000. Grilles, gate and chougat iron Steel will be needed for various stages of construction. For example, Chougat metal is used to make door frames. Chougat PKR 29,000 steel is required for all 3 marla door frames. For security grilles and windows around PKR 27,000 will be required and at the main gate, you will need to store PKR 33,000. Additional costs You will also need to find an extra tank. This will include building concrete walls using cement tanks to store water. Apart from this pre-construction ant control treatment is also important to prevent any future dangers of termite infestation. The difference. costs = PKR 30,000. Therefore the estimated cost of the 3 Marla House Gray Building is PKR 1,427,100. Finishing Costs for 3 Marla House After the construction of the gray house building, the next step is completed. Finishing gives a final look to the house. This includes installing tiles/marbles, electrical work, wood, and paint. Now that we have covered the cost estimates of a 3 mall house building, let’s take a look at the completion of a 3 mall house. Tiles / Marbles In the completion of any Class A house, people often choose tiles and marbles as an easy and aesthetic option for the floor. High quality tiles are often popular and companies such as Master tiles offer the best quality tiles. For a 3 mall house, about 96 tiles are needed outside the bathrooms, terrace, a

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